Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last night (11/18/08)

Last night we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags to the dancers. Each gift bag contained an ankle bracelet, a Gospel of John donated by Nicky Cruz Ministries, an invitation to the Christmas program at Spring 1st, and chocolate candy. The girls LOVED the ankle bracelets! We saw a lot of new girls last night.

The bouncer at the first club told us he has 4 daughters under the age of 10 and a 17 year old. He needs prayer just to deal with all of those females! :)

We took Roxie a birthday present in addition to the gift bag. She hadn't planned on working last night but decided to show up anyway. Roxie was shocked that we remembered her birthday. She said she was a little depressed because she is turning 26 today (the 19th), and she originally planned to be out of this business by the time she was 25. I told her it wasn't too late and that we had several people who were willing to help her when she was ready. She said a lot of people want to help her get out of the business. I told her she was much loved and prayed for. She asked us to leave because we were starting to make her cry.

One cashier is going to beauty school and graduates in July. I told her I have a friend who owns her own shop who might be willing to give her a shot. She was very excited.

At the totally nude club, the girls came up to the cashier counter when they saw us come in because management won't always allow us past the foyer area. The girls stood around and talked for awhile until some customers came in.

Percy's son's situation with the custody issue has slightly improved but the whole family continues to need prayer.

As always, we appreciate your prayers and faithfulness to support this ministry.

Piercing the Darkness,

Drenda and the PTD team