Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What happened in December?

It seems forever since I last posted. Much has happened the past few months. We found an apartment complex that is owned by a man who also owns a strip club. Several current and former dancers and prostitutes live there.

For Thanksgiving, we provided ham or turkey and all of the sides (including a dessert) to all of the residents of the apartment complex. At Christmas we bought gifts for all of the kids who reside there. Below are a few pictures from the Christmas gift giveaway. Several churches and numerous supporters of this ministry provided the funds (& turkeys) and volunteers for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. One church provided Christmas (& clothes & shoes) for a dancer and her 4 kids. It was awesome to see how God provided for every family. One 16-year-old girl gave a portion of her Christmas money to buy presents for the kids at the apartment complex. Her portion provided gifts for at least 10 kids. Awesome, huh?

Also during December we went to the strip clubs and took 150 gift bags to the girls. Each Christmas stocking contained a headband, an invitation to church, an encouraging scripture and chocolate candy. Thanks to The Crossing Church for providing the gifts and Christmas stockings! Unfortunately, it was a pretty uneventful night at the clubs. Some times it goes that way.

On a brighter note, one of the dancers we met last month started texting Kim (one of our team members). She asked how she could get to know God and how to read the Bible. Kim explained all of this via texting. This girl is now out of the business. Go, God!  We are putting her in touch with a sister ministry (Dancers to Daughters) in the Pasadena area. Dancers to Daughters is out of Greater Harvest Church in Pasadena. Great church in case you live in that area.

In January we are starting a weekly Bible study with the ladies who live at the apartment complex. We will also have activities and learning opportunities for the kids throughout the year. I'm not sure what God is up to, but He's up to something.

Thanks to all who pray for and give to this ministry. It's been an awesome year!

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