Friday, November 20, 2009

Last night (11/17/09)

Last night we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags to the dancers. Each bag contained lip gloss, really cool scripture cards made by 3 Sisters (thank you Vicky & sisters!), invitations to church, a New Testament (thanks Barbara!) and chocolate candy.

It was Porshe’s first night to dance at the Castle though she has worked at other clubs before. She just moved here from New Orleans and said she just wanted prayer for herself “in general” and couldn’t think of specific needs. She seemed very nervous & uncomfortable.

We were able to collect diapers and gave them to one of the girls. We're still collecting clothes and toys for her kids for Christmas.

On Thanksgiving Day we will be serving Thanksgiving dinner in 5 clubs and several modeling studios and massage parlors. We are looking forward to spending time with the girls, management and patrons. We appreciate Spring First, The Crossing, women's bible study groups at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and PTD team members for providing the food and utensils to make this possible!

One manager told me he appreciates everything we do for the girls, and we are welcome in his club any time he is there. Go, God!

Drenda and the PTD team

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last night (11/3/09)

Last night we went to the strip clubs and took cupcakes to the girls. We had a lot of good conversations and prayed with several girls. One of the bartenders said it was slow earlier in the day, and she was wishing we would come in and talk to her. She wants us to come during the day, if possible. We'll see about making that happen.

We got to see James. He's looking good even though he was just released from the hospital after being treated for pneumonia. James said he's been praying -- something he doesn't normally do.

The club where James works gave us permission to bring Thanksgiving dinner to them on Thanksgiving evening. We're waiting on permission from another club to bring Thanksgiving dinner to them. I can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with the girls and the others who work in the clubs.

Drenda and the PTD team