Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last night (1/5/2010)

Last night we went to the strip clubs and handed out gift bags to the girls. Each gift bag contained a wind chime, an encouraging note & scripture, invitation to church and chocolate candy.

  • Brandy, Cherry & Jamie asked for prayer
  • Michelle is 18 yrs old & has a 6 month old son. She recently started dancing but her husband doesn't like it. She's struggling with being a young parent.
  • Met a dancer who goes to a church in the north Houston area. She tried out for the worship team, made it, and then was asked to step down when they found out her occupation. She wasn't bitter about it. She loved the DVD of Terence's sermon we gave out a couple of months ago. She's starting nursing school soon and wants to be an oncology nurse.
  • Sonya's 1.5 yr old daughter is sick.
  • We met a girl from Russia. She was adopted & brought to Minnesota. She's 4 months from finishing pharmacy tech training. She had a miscarriage when she was 5 months pregnant and called a prayer line, and they were instrumental in helping her walk through this. When she saw one of our team members, she got scared because she thought the team member was her mother.
  • Lila said "there's no praying for me." We assured her she wasn't beyond prayer.
  • Rachel is 19 and has been dancing for 6 months to pay the bills. She gets in a lot of car accidents.
  • Brianne asked prayer for safety and health.
  • Mandi moved her last month from Seattle. We prayed she would get a fresh start here.
  • Tila is retiring next year and moving back to Miami to work with her dad in his mortgage company.
  • Celeste's boyfriend is headed back to Iraq.
  • The owner of a club told us we are welcome in his club anytime.

We had a lot of good conversations and prayed with a lot of girls. If any of these highlights touched you, please say a prayer for the girl involved.

Drenda and the PTD team