Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last night (11/23/10)

Last night we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags to the dancers. Each bag contained fuzzy/cozy socks, an encouraging scripture, a number to call for prayer, and chocolate candy. Here are highlights:
  • Keri and Mindy put on the socks as soon as they got their bags. They were so excited about them and said they were so soft and comfortable!  Keri said she had danced for 6 years and really wanted to get out of the business.  We told her she could call our ministry number, and we could help her.  She seemed genuinely excited about that.  Her grandmother is very ill and she asked for prayer for her and for her daughter.  Mindy asked for prayer for her aunt, who has stomach cancer, and for her kids.  Her kids live with her “baby-daddy’s” parents, who she says don’t like her and have a lot of bitterness toward her.  She asked us to pray that she could get her kids back.  She is currently working 2 jobs.  
  • Paco is a dj, single dad, raising a boy and girl alone.  He was very friendly and obviously loves his kids.  He said he still uses the screwdriver we gave out at father’s day outreach.
  • Sapphire & Melanie are sisters that Tammy has prayed with before.  Sapphire remembered the prayer and seemed very appreciative and happy to see us. She said she was doing better and hugged Tammy several times before she left.
  • Jasmine & Whitney both asked for prayer for their kids.  Whitney asked for prayer that she’ll stay sober so she doesn’t lose her kids. Jasmine asked that we pray for her 2 year old.  
  • Melanie told Stacy “you guys are so nice to do this." Stacy told her “you’re worth it!” which made Melanie burst into tears.  She cried and cried as Stacy encouraged her and gave her several encouraging scriptures.
  • Melissa asked for prayer for her 4 month old and her 4 year old.
  • Kylee (a waitress) just moved here.  She has 4 kids.  She said she was about to get her power turned off and will use the last of her food stamps to buy thanksgiving dinner.  Jen told her to call the ministry number if she wants some help.  She cried and seemed very happy that she talked to Jen.
  • One girl told Norma she's going to divorce her husband of 13 years.
  • I handed a girl a bag and she said, "There are people here who love God, ya know." "Yes, I know. We aren't saying you don't." She walked off with the bag and then came back up to me and said, "Some of us are serving the Lord and are here for a purpose." "Okay. We're just here to let you know we love you."
  • When Elizabeth asked Donna if she had plans for Thanksgiving, Donna replied she wasn't sure if her family would accept her and invite her home for Thanksgiving.
  • A girl was having a meltdown, and the other girls were trying to convince her to go home. She wasn't listening.
  • We met a waitress who told us her dad is a pastor. I told her I was a p.k. (preacher's kid), too. She hugged me and kissed my cheek.
Please pray for these girls when you think about it. I feel for Donna (& others) who are separated from their families. God is a God of reconciliation and restoration. No case is too hard for Him.

Drenda & the JLD team