Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last night (2/10)

Last night we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags to the dancers. Each bag contained a cuddly teddy bear, an invitation to church, an encouraging scripture and chocolate candy.

Last month we took the book "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. Ashley told us she read it in 2 days and loved it. Red, a deejay, told us he gave the book to his wife. She later texted him that she read the book and loved it. He even saved her text message to show to us.

Lenore has been dancing for 5 years and wants to get out of the business. She says she has a background in fashion design and hair. We'll give her some of our contacts who are in the hair business.

Christie has 5 boys who live with her mother in Miami. She's been dancing for at least 3-1/2 months.

Little Mama and Percy have been sick. Percy was at home because he was too sick to get out. We prayed for Little Mama outside the club.

We went to a new club. It's the same building that previously housed the club that burned. It's been renovated and looks very nice. The girls were happy to see us.

Another girl has been married for a year and has a 1-year old son. She said she's dancing to put her husband through school. She's 19.

We ran into a girl who spoke very little English. Fortunately, Laurie was with us and translated. This girl pays $80 to go to an ESL class. Laurie's church has an ESL program that is free. Laurie is providing details on time, location, etc. to her.

We had a new team member join us last night. Her name is Vicky, and she told us about a lady in her Bible study group. This woman moved to Houston 14 years ago and noticed the billboards up & down I-45 advertising the various adult-entertainment venues. She began praying that her sons would not see the billboards. She felt impressed that she should not pray that way, but instead should be praying for the girls. For the past 14 years she's been praying for the girls in the clubs up & down I-45. Her prayers paved the way for this ministry. I can't wait to meet this lady and thank her for her prayers. No telling how many lives have been touched because of her prayers (and yours).

One of the dancers showed up at Laurie and Amanda's church last month. She says she attends a church in the north Houston area, is getting baptized and is out of the business. Go, God!
As always, we couldn't do this without you!! Thanks for your prayers and support!

Drenda and the PTD team